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Tomato salad

17 October, 2018

Простой рецепт салата из помидоров

Tomato salad. At first sight it seems too boring. But simply change your angle of view and you will see tasty masterpiece in your plate, uniting various forms and colors. For this salad recipe we took yellow, red, pink and black tomatoes, both big and small. We sliced them and put in layers. We served them with light dressing and greens with onion.

Recipe and cooking: Inna Levenets, Food style: Olha Drach, Photos: Yevheniia Drach

Tomato salad
  1. Ingredients
  2. 1.5 kg tomatoes of various sorts, forms and colors
  3. 50 g mix of fresh thyme, parsley, mint, green onion
  4. 5 shallot onions
  5. Black pepper
For dressing
  1. 3 table spoons of olive oil
  2. 3 table spoons of white wine vinegar
  3. 1 table spoon of honey
  4. salt
  1. Cut tomatoes: big in pieces, small in wedges.
  2. Cut greens and shallot onion.
  3. Take large dish and put the tomatoes in layers, mixing various forms and colors. Cover every layer with cut greens and onion and black ground pepper.
  4. Put the dish with tomatoes to fridge approximately for one hour.
  5. Cook the dressing: mix olive oil, wine vinegar, honey and some salt.
  6. Before serving cover the salad with dressing.
  7. Bon appetite!
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Простой салат из помидоров

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