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Judit Poor: “New ideas can be found everywhere and from everything”

24 March, 2020

These are not simple honey cookies. These are paintings with reviving flowers, animals, people… Judit Czinkne Poor is Leonardo da Vinci in pastry. Every sweet detail is sophisticated, every stroke of sugar gaze is unique. Everything is done manually! You can buy Judit`s masterpieces in her Mezesmanna shopping studio in Veszprem, one of the oldest Hungarian cities. You can also enjoy them on Mezesmanna pages in social media.

Джудит Пур

What is your profession? Are you a pastry chef? Or artist?
Neither do I… I am not a pastry chef, and I don’t think about myself as an artist… My original qualification is a porcelain painter. But – you know – the qualification is not enough itself… I think that the most important thing is to have talent for something… And the talent is a gift.
Джудит Пур
Do you eat your artworks?
Ohhh, no! I don’t eat my artworks.To understand this I’ve to give you a little historical background. In Hungary there is a tradition from the 19th century to give a honey-cake heart to the loved one person as a present. People could buy these big, heart shaped cookies at the weekly market-place at that time.Those honey-cakes were usually painted red and decorated with different motifs, waved lines, simple flowers and a little mirror in the middle of the heart.
So you can imagine, that we, the Hungarians, think about the painted honey-cookie, as a very kind gift, as a souvenir. /And not as food/ Many times I faced with the fact that foreigners didn’t know this. And I`ve heard that in America people eat my hand-painted honey-cakes!
Do you remember your very first artwork cookies? What was it?
To tell you the truth it all happened many-many years ago. Perhaps it started with the snowflakes on the simple gingerbread cookies…
The first main artwork was a young gardening dame illustration, with an inchoate 3D technique, I think.
What is your favorite technique?
My favorite technique is black-and-white portrait painting. I also love very much the 3D figurines and animals.
What is the most difficult in your work, to your opinion?
To my opinion the most difficult in my work is to feel the dimensions in the 3D works. When you get a 2D photo, to make it as a 3D form motif on the honey-cookie… to make it look realistic…
Which features or knowledge should the artist have in order to become successful?
To be humble, beside the success(es). Sedulity. And don’t give up!
Please, share your recipe of searching for new ideas.
You can find new ideas from everything – this is my experience. From the surroundings, from the nature, from other illustrator’s work… Sometimes one patch of fabric, sometimes one piece of lace-work, sometimes an animal inspires me. Different things every time.
How do you see Judit Czinkne Poor in 10 years?
This is a difficult question.. I love my work, so I want to continue this. My best loved activity is teaching people for the techniques of the honey-cookies decoration, so I want this direction to make my main profile, mostly worldwide…

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