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Diego Cusano: “My goal with my illustrations is to snatch smile, learn to observe and keep an open mind to communication”

8 August, 2019

Диего Кузано

Diego Cusano, an Italian artist, has very unusual vision of the world. Spaghetti in his world simply replace the Venice`s curls, whereas a cup of coffee may become a planet for the Little Prince… We talked to Diego about his style, ideas, the most favorite products and plots.

Diego, how long have you been doing with food-art and what is the most interesting for you in this activity (idea generation, feeling from idea realization, the result achieved…)?

I have been inventing this style or rather this way of seeing reality for more than 6 years. Slowly it has become a beautiful job. I never get tired and every day I have beautiful projects with different companies.

The phase that I like the most is the search for the idea because it makes me discover so many new things. For example the last project where I collaborated with big fashion brands from Chanel to Dior, from BVULGARI to Tiffany & Co. I created the panorama I saw during my last trips in Myanmar and Cambodia. In my opinion, it is a real inspiration not to follow the work of others.

Диего Кузано

Do you remember your very first food-art work? What was it?

If I’m not mistaken it was a flag made with a cracker, at the beginning I did everything very simple.

What message do you want to bring to people with your art?

My goal with my illustrations is to snatch a smile from those who see what I create. To learn to observe and keep an open mind ready to know how to talk to different cultures. I am a person of few words, I don`t like to search for a deep meaning to what I create because it is all controlled by my instinct. 

Диего Кузано

What products do you like to work with most of all?

With sushi, pizza and pasta because they have bright colors and shape and also make a beautiful harmony with the dark lines and light background.

Диего Кузано

What stories for your works do you choose the most often?

It depends on how I wake up in the morning. I like reading and immediately create illustrations to the literature because they are very strong at the moment you look at it. I like to treat icons of the show, or the Disney heroes as I have always done since the beginning. Or some character from movies and TV series, see for example Game of Thrones.

Диего Кузано

You have many works with coffee as a main subject. Are you a coffee nerd?

No no, coffee is my friend. Every morning he knows how to wake me up, in the afternoon he knows he has to help me and in the evening I love to taste it around 10 p.m because it makes me relaxed. I like it so much and when I prepare it the house smells with it bringing memories about my grandfather. When he was preparing coffee,  I was little I think I was 5 years old and I was secretly drinking it too.

Диего Кузано

How do you see your perfect dinner?

A beautiful table by the sea, with lights around, a beautiful glass of Alteni Di Brassica, seafood starter with octopus salad, oysters, grilled fish and tiramisu of course.

How do you see Diego Cusano in 10 years? How does he live, what and how does he make his art of?

Surely I will be on some Thai island to enjoy the sun and sea. I would like to take a dog. I`ve been thinking about it for more than 5 years. But because of the work it is a bit difficult so now I simply imagine myself with a dog while working two hours for big projects.

Диего Кузано

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