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Camembert with Wild Mushroom Recipe

10 November, 2017

We are sure that everything in this life should bring pleasure – with its appearance, content and other residual emotions…That is why we decorate our life with pleasure by means of new recipes. Today we have Camembert with wild mushrooms for dinner. Only 10 minutes for cooking and the whole evening for impressions and talks.

Recipe and cooking: Inna Levenets, Food style: Olha Drach, Photos: Yevheniia Drach

Camembert with Wild Mushroom Recipe

Camembert with wild mushrooms
  1. Camembert
  2. 100 g (toasted) walnuts
  3. 100 g wild mushrooms (honey fungi, orange milk mushrooms)
  4. shallot (greens)
  5. salt, pepper
  1. We will bake Camembert for approximately 10 minutes in the oven well heated to 170 degrees. We put it on baking tray covered with parchment paper. We need to make Camembert soft, to cook to consistency when we can easily spread it on bread.
  2. While Camembert is in oven, let`s start with side dish: in the frying pan with some vegetable oil (you can try nut oil, it is very suitable in this case), fry the mushrooms flavored with salt and pepper for 5 minutes.
  3. Cover the mushrooms with a lid and cook for some more minutes.
  4. Later add chopped shallot to the frying pan and cook for some more minutes.
  5. The final touch – we add milled nuts to the mushrooms and mix them together.
  6. Put the mushroom and nut mix on melted Camembert, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the autumn!
  7. Bon appetite!
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Recipe Camembert with Wild Mushroom Recipe

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