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Banana and cherry ice-cream for breakfast

3 April, 2019

Tasty, healthy and nice-looking breakfasts – it is a never-ending story. If you mix frozen bananas and cherries in blender with yoghurt, you will get perfect “breakfast ice-cream”. Add some home-made granola and cranberry and cover with almond flakes! Enjoy!

Banana and cherry ice-cream for breakfast

Banana & cherry ice-cream
  1. 100 g frozen banana
  2. 100 g frozen pitted cherries
  3. 100 g yoghurt
  4. granola
  5. almond flakes
  1. Leave skinned and sliced banana in the fridge for a night.
  2. Blend sliced frozen banana and frozen cherries with yogurt.
  3. Serve ready-made ice-cream for breakfast with granola and almond flakes.
  4. Bon appetite!
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