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About Us

Site Drink&Food Inform is a find for anyone who is interested in drinks – alcoholic and nonalcoholic, appreciates good cuisine, knows how to cook and is happy to share their brand recipes with other readers, likes to travel and meet interesting people, strives to be in the course of the latest news about drinks, gastronomy, restaurant, club and festival life of the country and the world.

On the site Drink&Food Inform you will always find the maximum of useful information:

  • About the novelties of the Ukrainian and foreign markets of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products
  • About the right choice of different drinks
  • About the selection of the most successful enogastronomic combinations
  • About the rules of tasting your favorite drinks
  • The history of drinks, cultural and drinking traditions of different peoples
  • About cooking the most delicious and original dishes
  • On the preparation of exclusive home beverages and cocktails

Reader Drink&Food Inform – is curious and optimistic, he understands that the quality of his life depends on his knowledge, experience and breadth of views.

Average age of visitors to the site: from 21 to 100 years

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